In the first place it is security. In the warehouse, you can move only in areas where you are authorized to do so. Moreover, a camera system follows you and you have your own alarm.

The warehouse is tempered, dry and daily kept clean. You have carts, pallet-movers, etc., at your disposal. The operating staff, who will advise you, is always available here.

At the conclusion of the contract, the customer gets a PIN code, which allows him/her to move in those parts of the warehouse, where is his/her cell unit. Except for 3 days (Christmas, New Year and Easter) access is possible 7 days a week / from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Depending on the type of furniture, we can talk about 13,5 m3 up to 27 m3. You need 27 m3, if you have antique furniture, which it is not possible to store within the height of the warehouse. The price of such warehouses starts at EUR 92 for a month.

We do not have any notice period. After the handover of the warehouse the lease relationship ends. Billing is done on monthly basis. If the lease is terminated before the month expires, we shall return the rest of the rent to a bank account or in cash.

Customers with a lease term longer than 2 months have free transport to the warehouse, provided by our partner company. The transport is within Bratislava and for a certain number of hours. This benefit the customer can apply in the form of a voucher, that s/he shall receive from us. The work of the moving service is not part of the benefit. This cost the customer shall pay him/herself.

Each customer will receive from us, according to the size of the warehouse, a number of boxes for moving. Similarly, we can provide also transfer of packages, mail or goods. This service is charged, however.

The price of the warehouse is created on the basis of its size, location and the lease term. For example, the storage cell units on the ground floor have the advantage of being accessible by car.

It happens, that the customer often does not know how large a warehouse and with what equipment does s/he need. For this reason, we also welcome personal contact and visit. The price can always be negotiated upon.